Friday, May 1, 2009

Historic Superheroes Pt. 2

In a previous post I mentioned a class project in which I turned Marie Antoinette into a modern-day super hero, but I never included her other team members. There was a whole backstory about a Japanese scientist who resurrected them to help save the world from Communism, but that's besides right now. So here they are!

Nikola Tesla - ladies man and celibate scientist extraordinaire. Vegetarian. Builds death-ray guns. Hates round things and pearl jewelry. Also fond of pigeons. The favorite pigeon has a bionic eye with x-ray vision. Only one of these things is untrue.


Amelia Earhart! Bless that woman.
In this version of history, our supreme female aviator did in fact disappear amongst the clouds. However, she was snatched up by our friend the Japanese scientist who - to save the world like all good doers - fashioned her a jet pack to carry out her stealthy missions. She's mostly the leader of this clan.

Here's some silly doodles I did of Marie, she's just fun:

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