Thursday, December 4, 2008

Film 08-09 stuff!

Here's some things I've been working on for my film that's gonna be finished in April'09:

The girl is the main character of my film. All characters will be puppets as paper cut-outs with hinged limbs and stuff, with replacement facial parts, heads, etc to be able to animate her face, hands, hair, etc. A challenge!

Bags o'fun - Doritos commercial

Submitted for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl Contest 2008 - You can view the submission here.
I completed this at Buddy System Studios with the cooperation of 3 other interns, using replacement Doritos as stop motion puppets!

Bags o'Fun - Doritos contest submission from Marvelous Things on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crunch time is over!

And the stuff below to post (some went into my portfolio). But first, here's my film for this year, called 'Lilium'. It's still in progress - gonna keep working on it!

Lilium (2008) from Marvelous Things on Vimeo.

The best thing I love about being in college is that you can make mistakes and learn from them, and it's OKAY!

^ Marie Antoinette, Supah-style, as an assignment for my Super Heroes class this past semester. Best class ever!
About Marie: Given a second chance at life! Happy with her now fortunate circumstance, Marie still wanted to keep an extravagant way of life, but improved upon it by throwing parties for the underprivileged, giving fashion to the fashion senseless, and let’s everyone actually eat cake... including her opponents!

Oh hey look, I added a goat! Not quite so lacking, but still. Hmm..

Currently meditating on my next course of action. Summertime is awesome for focusing on what needs improvement!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Various things

Here's some stuff I've been working on or had laying around for the past few months. Some are for my film this year, and others are not!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I've had this thing for a while and never actually used it, so I might as well start sometime.

I already have a DeviantArt page where you can see some of my older work (and some newer stuff). I don't post there much either, but maybe this blog will start the habit of something new (especially after my 3rd year film is finished).

To start, here's my film from last year: "Under the Sky"

Under the Sky (2007) from Marvelous Things on Vimeo.

And some art for the little production:

Originally the whole thing was supposed to be stop-motion, but after having transferred from Experimental Animation into Character, I realized that I really just wanted the project done (as in "coherent") after having worked on it for so long already. Stop motion is an incredible medium, but it takes a lot of time, money, and effort that I wasn't prepared for with this project. All the same, I learned an incredible amount from this, and I had fun doing it too!

The best thing about having learned from your previous mistakes is applying that newfound knowledge to more projects, as well as continuing to grow as an artist & animator. I listened to an interview recently with Glen Keane, and something he said really stuck out to me: "It's not that you're 'not good enough', you've just hit the limit of your knowledge. So go out and learn some more!"

So with this year, I'm happy to be working with a new project and challenging myself in new ways, as well as drawing more. A LOT more. It's tough, but that's what makes it fun right? Variety is the spice of life. Let's see how it goes!

Here's to new beginnings - yeah!!