Thursday, February 21, 2008

Various things

Here's some stuff I've been working on or had laying around for the past few months. Some are for my film this year, and others are not!


kristen said...

I love ALL of these :D every single one! The colors you gravitate to are so pleasant :) They're really emotional.. and I can tell you were really feeling something strong when you made each one of them. Beautiful stuff dahling :)

Jennifer Harlow said...

Hey Kristina!

Oh my god we have a bite! Are you okay??? ROB!

This is that random person that shouts Cloverfield quotes at you around CalArts while you attack my curly hair---aka. Jennifer, Kristen's friend. This is just getting creepy, I'll end here...haha

Glad to see you on the blog bandwagon! Really enjoyed your film! Awesome posts so far! Very beautiful!

Stone said...

nice work!